Twelve Magazine Layout Re-Design:

I wanted to layout the previously bunched and crowded article in "Twelve" Magazine,

allowing it to reflect it's subject. Hoorsenbuhs Jewelry is clean, classic and edgy; I re-created

the feel of the jewelry with a simple and elegant layout, laced with grainy photos of

the designer, signature jewelry and pastel colours.


"Crown of Thorns" Branding:

I was to create a new liquor company that eluded to something religious.

I decided to use the image of Jesus' crown of thorns to represent absinthe.

The crown is representative of the mockery and downfall of the "King of the Jews"

much like absinthe's loss of popularity in France during the "Belle Epoque", or

the "Beautiful Era". I created a graphic representation of the crown of thorns

layered with a custom typeface to accentuate the liquor's elegant and harmful past.