Inspiration Excursion

It was recently suggested that I write the word "JOYFUL" on a piece of paper and hang it up in my studio where I could see it as I work (I should probably do it now...). The reason

for this is to remind me that whatever I make at my bench should be joyful, either in it's process or in its end. It should bring me joy to make it, or work on it. Otherwise whats the point

of making it anyway?


I need to create the things that make me excited to work. And those ideas often don't come to me as I'm sitting at my workbench. They come from the experiences I have outside my

studio. Often these involve other people; someone to bounce an idea off of, or someone who will just let me verbally mind-map something. It seems that without

these moments outside the studio, no work would be done in it; at least no new work.


Recently, an expedition to Castle Fun Park, a giant toy store and a game shop was a much needed "Inspiration Excursion". Although it wasn't intended to be, mini-golf and a game of

bowling got me out of my usual habits (sleeping in far too late and starting work in the studio on stale ideas). These games got me doing something physically different

than my usual torch-lighting and metal-bashing. It got my mind thinking differently, too, in a good way. Surrounded by plastic sharks and fake putting greens, I played my game of

underwater golf quite well, scoring a hole-in-one. Impressed with my new skill, I tried for the free game at the 18th hole; the one where you have to putt the golf ball into the little pipe

surrounded by styrofoam fish that look like they've seen better days. Well I missed.


Next up was bowling. Now I'm not that good at bowling, but I can definitely roll a tiny ball down a lane really hard and hit some pins, making them fly all over the place.

Im honestly surprised I didn't break a some... In this game I got a few strikes and I got pretty confident in my bowling skills. Then I tried to get strikes for the remaining 6 turns. I didn't

get any more.


After a few more games, it was food time; sushi of course, and it was this in-between moment that ideas started to form. It felt like the downtime between the activities of the day

allowed for free space to formulate new inspiration for myself. Had it not been for the "Ocean" or the throw-the-ball-as-hard-as-you-can-down-the-lane game, these little beautiful

baby ideas may not have formed. And it took these once-in-a-while activities to get me out of my normal actions and thinking; got me

thinking joyous thoughts about new things to make.