Here's the Deal...

So you want to know the details of the Honeycomb Charm Lottery? Here they are:


On September 15th & 16th, at First Pick Handmade, I will be releasing the Silver and Rose Gold Honeycomb

Charms! These lovelies have been anticipated by many of you and they are finally here. When I release them, there will be 50 Sterling Silver Honeycomb Charms and

10 Rose Gold Honeycomb Charms. When you purchase a charm, you will receive a sealed pouch containing onecharm, but which charm you get is up to fate! 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! You can reach me via email HERE

To purchase a Honeycomb Charm, please click HERE


Please keep in mind a few things: 

- The purchase price of each charm is $150.00 plus tax.

- Chains are NOT included! If you would like a chain with the charm, please let me know and I would be happy to get one to you with your charm!

- The Sterling Silver Honeycomb Charm and the Rose Gold Honeycomb Charm will not be available after this sale! If you want to get one, you will have to purchase a Lottery Pouch!




My Mother's New Ring

Some of the pieces I complete are custom and therefor silly to post in my shop, BUT I am more than willing to show you what else I make!


This ring I made a short while ago for my mom, who had to sell her wedding ring under unfortunate circumstances, is made from recycled diamonds, 18kt gold and sterling silver from

some of her jewelry that has been collecting dust in her closet for years. She found a picture online of a ring made by David Chkheidze and wanted something similar for her new ring. I

decided to challenge myself and attempt a recreation of the ring for her. I was able to fabricate the ring from the materials she was able to provide (some gold jewelry given to her from

her mother, a tennis bracelet and some recycled silver jewelry).


She wears it almost everyday now and loves it!

David Chkheidze's Original Ring Design

David Chkheidze's Original Ring Design

My Mother's New Ring - Recreation of David's Original Ring Design.

My Mother's New Ring - Recreation of David's Original Ring Design.