This is the Beginning...


Let me first say this before you read any further; no, I do not have hauntingly alluring blue eyes. But the meaning behind this blog is not about my outward appearance, but about my

views of the world and all of its beauty, inspiration and humour. This is the start of a journey; a journey of discovery, knowledge, creativity and creation. I want to explore the world of

inspiration and ideas, learn from the objects that I admire and discover new ideas from the people who created them and, in turn, be inspired by my own work and allow myself passage

through my self-labeled failures and iterations to reach points of solace.


Sapphire is the symbol of power and strength, kindness and wise judgement. It is the stone of wisdom and a royal stone of learning. It allows one to embrace order, structure and

self-discipline and is ideal for accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas. I thought that the stones meaning embodies exactly what I want this blog to be about; looking at the world

to learn, create, become more self-disciplined and manifest my crazy ideas.


So on that note, lets skip down this path and marvel at things together